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Smile. The Gift of Almighty

In our day to day life, we see depressed people. Can you tell me what is depression??.. Unfortunately, no one could ever answer this question! For me it is the state of mind in which a person feels sad, annoyed, disguised, unsatisfied, failure, loser, Blah… Blah…!!! Have you ever thought about what is the real reason of depression???  Yes!.. Yes! You are the reason for your own depression. At first you should question yourself, “Why you are depressed?, Why aren’t you happy or why there is no trace of a smile on your face?”.

Smile! It is the gift of almighty and smile is considered as the symbol of positivity. If you are having positivity in your life, then there is nothing like depression. Just smile, you know smiling can reduce your stress and mental pain. If you find no reason to smile, then wait for it the almighty has a plan for you and soon enough will surely give you a reason to smile. A smile is a small gesture which shows that you are happy, but deep inside no one knows the difference between a fake and a real smile. Every individual has his/her own perspective regarding depression. But some overcome their depression just by being positive and being strong. Hence, they live a very happy and prosperous life. As Almighty has created every individual with a unique identity and emotions.

On the other hand the problems are also considered as one of the reasons for depression. Everyone blames the Almighty for their problems and never understands that the problems were created to make you stronger and a better person. In some cases, it’s there to teach you a lesson. But instead of dealing with it, people become victims of depression. May be your smile may bring happiness in someone’s life. Maybe there is someone who is living because of your smile and the positive personality that you have become. May be you are the reason they are happy!.. So just, smile :). It’s a gift of the Almighty and is free of cost. Smile and make the world smile by spreading happiness.

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