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Photo by Louis Bauer from Pexels
Photo by Louis Bauer from Pexels

A Letter To You

The hand that used to hold me now has changed to hug someone who I had never been invited to be present in between my love story. If I could have avoided going by then maybe the hand would still be holding me in this morning.

I ask myself,
‘What if you are still by my side?’,
‘Will I feel happy right now?’
So many questions that I ask you, but how can you leave without even saying goodbye.

I’m still trying to contact you, but you don’t answer. I tried to send you a message until I realized that you might have blocked me. Because, I text you too often lately. I still think how can you leave me,
‘when I with you when you fall and can’t get up again?’
‘How can you leave a woman who struggles to defend you when you are underestimated by others?’

Photo by Sofia Garza from Pexels

All those around me still have the right you do not deserve to side with me at the altar one day. I was silent, not because they were right but because they had never been in love so that they would forget themselves. They gave me advice for me to go and find new love. I laughed and said with a bitter smile, ‘If it were as easy as opening the door, I had done it from the first day he left me. But in reality isn’t that easy and it’s not as easy as you say ‘.
‘They were silent while looking at me.

For you, the man who made me fall in love and makes me forgot about myself. I pray for the God, so that you can keep smiling and happy with new love. I hope you will still respect the person you chose to continue my work in looking after you. For you, the man who made me fly and then dropped me to the ground.

I thank you for the days provided for you, all the smiles, time, laughter, jokes and happiness you gave me. I hope you don’t regret leaving me like this. Please, don’t ever come back, when my days are cheerful and full of joy. I can stand alone without you, someday. From me, the woman who still prayed for you after you stabbed me with a knife that you hid in the back of your pocket. thanks.

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