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How to Make Money by Renting rooms to Paying Guest

Paying Guest or PG is a good and legible source of earning good amount of money every month. Every metro city has these types of facilities. Let me share a real story with you.

My school friend, Debarghya Ghosh, recently relocated to Gurgaon to join a giant MNC. So, in order to get a shelter he rented a room for himself in a PG. Yes, you heard it right!!

He rented a room? The twist is about to follow.

We had done schooling together in Kolkata. After that, he decided to pursue law. Now coming back to the fact, he just rented a bed and not a room. The hilarious thing about this room is that, to go on the last bed you have to jump all the beds starting from the first bed.

And look at the size of the beds, even death beds might be bigger than these.

They provide a breakfast and a dinner that is, only 2 meals on weekdays. Only on weekends they provide 3 meals. Moreover, yes, he respects food. But the food they provide here is terrible (chilly water and cheap quality rice mostly). Monday mornings for IT professionals like is tough. On top of it, imagine yourself having tasteless and dry Hakka noodles without sauces at 7am in the morning.

He eats out daily without any option and spends at least Rs.6k more on food.

The only time he spends in this PG is for sleeping as whole day he is in the office.

The guy has a router on each floor with an Internet plan of limited downloads after which the speed drops down to 512Kbps. At least 20 people are connected to that same router.

So, after the first week of the month, even WhatsApp messages are both received and delivered with a huge delay.

Do you know, how much do he pay for it? – Rs.3k as deposit (which they rarely return you back) and Rs.6k as per month rent.

This is a PG which has 6 floors and almost 100 people live here. So, the owner earns around 6k*100=Rs.6lakhs per month just by sitting at the reception playing games on his phone.

Guess what, the owner owns one more such PG. So almost he earns 12lakhs per month. He does not have even half of my friend’s educational qualification.

Moreover, do you really think these people might be paying their taxes?

Their earnings might be definitely bigger than or comparable to the earnings of the CEO’s of MNC’s.

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