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I wanted to

I wanted to dream but I was afraid of nightmares

I wanted to have power but I was afraid of being unfair

I wanted to say I love you but I kept it at good night

I wanted to experience the jump but I was afraid of heights

I was saying the truth but everyone believed I was a liar

I saw the path I needed to walk and, there was fire

I wanted to follow my goals but I was afraid to fall behind

I wanted to say it but I kept it in my mind

I wanted to pay but I didn’t have my share

I wanted to have my say but I was no mayor

I wanted to tell my ideas but someone else already did

I wanted to be taken seriously but I was only a kid

I wanted to take responsibility but I was afraid to fail

I wanted to make it happen but I was afraid to say it, so I mailed

About Siddhartha Ahuja

I am 16 from India and just found my passion of writing. I am using this to wake up the world towards the way of living or to spread light on some ongoing events. Hope you like it

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