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And Its Raining Again

Everyone wants a happy ending to their stories, but guess what, life isn’t always fair. You love unconsciously, freely falling for the unknown, but not always the person you love loves you back. Love is magical and energetic and pure and tingly for sure, but realized that the love you give, will never reflect back; well there comes the pain, the hope and the heartbreaks. 

So here is a story of HER.

The pain was ripping her heart apart. Her mind was throbbing with the image that kept reflecting in front of her eyes like a video that kept rolling and rolling again. It itched her mind, stuck in her head like a deadline she never thought would see so soon. It was as if each time he brushed up in her thoughts and the memories came along stabbing back hard.


There he was standing under the tree. My eyes brightened as soon as i saw him. He has this charming smile that can melt any heart and mine was no rock. for an entire bad day his one smile could make up everything good. And that bright aura of his, so powerful yet so gentle, kept pulling me towards him knowingly or unknowingly i don’t know yet. But he is the only person who could make me laugh and blush at the same time. I felt happy after a very long time. 

The look I always imagined to see on his face appeared, but not for me, but for someone else. That smile of his that I adored the most was not for me. It was for that girl facing him. She was beautiful and had a stunning body, no doubt from her perfect straight hair to the sexy dress to the high heel boots. She was perfect, unlike me. I was just an average girl and was happy to be one, until now. 

His face was bright as always but a little blush flushed his face while talking to the new girl. The love I prolonged to see was crystal clear in his eyes, but it was NOT for me! He fancied her I could see it clearly. I couldn’t move a muscle, even though I wanted to run away as far as I could, nor could I breathe as if all the air was knocked out of me like a punch in the gut. I couldn’t even blink my eyes, though I wanted to think of it as a nightmare. My whole body went still as if petrified.


She loved him more than words can define! But he remained clueless about her feelings. She never demanded more of him because her love had no conditions. She knew it would be there even if he loves her back or not. She loved the way he was, the person he actually was, with whatsoever package he comes along with! But she also knew one thing, he was out of her reach. He was the guy she always dreamed of. He was bright and vibrant, like sparks of life and colors. He was bright like the sun happy and lively. While she?. She was the moon’s light, dim and dull, nothing without the sun. He was her strength, her light and her hope.

But maybe his light was not meant for her to burn in. May be his heart was not meant to warm her shivering soul or heal her ice cold broken heart!

Maybe he was never hers.  

The thought was enough for her to drench in the rain! The rain which would never stop! Here she laid in her bed listening to You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, exhausted after drenching the pillow wet, but still unable to close the eyes or shut the mind; wondering that even the song had a happy ending but will she ever!

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