Move On

What is the real meaning of moving on?

Forgetting someone with whom we have dreamed of growing old and moving ahead?

Or forgetting each and every moment and letting it go?…

Or never meeting that person whose one glance was enough to melt your anger into love?…

Or crying on the floor at 2am so that no one will know and laughing like an insane at 2pm?…

Is it called moving on?

Its very easy to say forget him/her and move ahead in your life but its really heartbreaking job to do… Over night your growing old dreams, those eye contact which were always expressing that we will last forever, those love hate quarrels, those sleepless night talking etc… etc… all shattered down.

Is it so easy to collect every broken pieces and assemble it one overnight like it got broken?

No,its not. .. . it takes days,weeks,months and some time years to get those memories blurred,those fights to b forgotten, to stop missing that person insanely and be able to do nothing… … It needs patience, and lots of sleepless night to try not to remember that person who was never out of your heart….. To show world that you move on is the easiest thing to do but hardest in fact in reality…Every moment and every place you went together reminds that you never thought, a day like this will come when you will again visit that place but this time alone.

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