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He | the Destiny

Whenever  I look at the sun or feel the warmth of sun it reminds me of you. seems to be hot, burning but always there to provide light to my dark life and of to my death valley. You exactly entered in my life when I needed you the most. I don’t know what I should call it!.  But often I heard people speaking about something called destiny.

Destiny may look something like this: I met a Man beyond my imagination, the one who challenged my senses, attitude and so called ego..  every other meeting had a fight and after every fight we had a good talk. Those fights made us closer and closer.

  What about love? Did he love you? Did he loved you back the way you did? We don’t love people to find a way to love us back. Sometimes its just a one way connection. We can never force someone to feel what we feel for them. its impossible!  Sometimes the person can be everything for me but I can be nothing him/her.  Loving someone is like jumping in the deep blue sea even though you don’t know how to swim and you don’t even know that if anyone will come to rescue or not.

Despite the fear, we have to jump once in a life so that we can feel how it feels, what exactly the love is.. what a marry go round it can make in our lives… We need to feel all those sleepless night thinking whether he will like me or not .. does he feel the same way or not?  Love can make you sane or insane no one knows.. life will be on roses or thorns. which cannot be determined.. love can destroys all the sense of human and make  the person insane… or it will cure you of all your misery!.

For your curiosity Yeah he loved me .. He loved me more than I ever imagined or more than I can say or more than the words i can describe him,,. he spread all his light just to brighten up my life just to wipe out the darkness inside me.

May we meet again!.

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