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A girl full of dreams

A girl, who always wanted to be independent, who always wanted to reach great heights once fall in love. The feeling of being loved was very beautiful. She smiled as she spoke to him, she giggled at his jokes and was ready to stay with him forever, no matter what!

One fine day, she was asked by a man, “Are you really in love?, what makes you feel so..?” Without hesitating she said, “I have seen trust in his eyes and love for me. I think that is exactly what makes me feel I am in love with him.” She smiled as she thought about him. She was distracted from her goals, whole day it was her mind and his thoughts that used to be with her.

Never did she want to let go off him, never did she question his love for her, never did she ask more than what she received. She was happy whichever way he used to treat her. She used to handle his mood swings, his anger, his hate towards her in some situations, all of it so that it doesn’t hurt their relationship. But ever since she had put her self-respect at stake, he forgot her value. Ever since she began to cry, it started making him calm. 

What is the use of such relation where you aren’t happy? Where you don’t get respect? She realized it all not soon, yet later. She realized its time to let go love, and get back to goals. She realized nothing in life is worth putting one’s dream, passion and simplicity at stake. NOTHING! 

A drop of warm red blood rolled down from her lips and stayed stagnant at her chin seeking revenge.  Her hands were cuffed in chains of patriarchy. She pulled ’em off and punched him back on his face only because she knew her father would be proud of this. Time never stops for someone, it must be you, who can control the time and let go the things you cannot control.

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