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I Am Only Going To Say What I Want To Put In the Universe

There are some questions we all need to ask ourselves. What do we feel when someone gives us a snide remark? Do we take on a task with passion and enthusiasm when we are given a harsh command to complete it in a set period of time? What is our emotional reaction when someone criticizes our physical appearance or when a deprecatory critique is passed on a piece of work by an evaluator? This and questions like these are called introspection. In order to live a life worth a purpose and to leave behind a world worth living, we need to indulge in introspection and be completely aware of our emotional needs, this prepares us to be conscious of the emotional well-being of the people who cross our paths. Yes, we have to care about each and every person we encounter, that is the spirit of life; emotional care is the least we can offer anyone. We need to ask ourselves only this; “Is a world without compassion worth living in?” If you answered this in affirmative then you need to contemplate, you have to reflect on the consequences of your words and your actions.

There comes a point in life where you realize that you have achieved a certain level of awareness. That awareness makes you mindful of your contribution to the universe, be it through your thoughts, actions or words. Our impact on the world we live in begins as soon as we can communicate, (it need not be oral communication only) but its significance in the lives of the people who surround us comes later in life. There is no set age bracket of this realization. Some never become aware of the impact of their every word. While some may connect with their compassionate side in the early stages of their life. This can have many reasons; from the life you lead to the experiences you have or sometimes it is just something you are born with and this world teaches you to hone this side of yours, resulting in an exemplary individual. Many of us may even know of such a person who is never unkind or rude, provides encouragement at every fall or failure and gives advice on the shortcomings in a manner no one can find offensive. At this point, I want you to ask yourself a question;  

In the face of such an attitude from a mentor or a fellow being, would you give up on improving yourself or go on in your journey of life, strive to improve yourself with more passion and zeal?

The answer to this question will tell you how significant for you are the words, actions and behavior of a person are. Most often than not, we are giving something to the world we do not even realize the significance of. The positive or negative influence of our contribution is often not realized until much later in our life or in the life of the preceding generations. We may not always know of its existence, but the goodness, the innate goodness is present in all of us. That goodness is what prompts us to give something to the world that has meaning, something that we want to flourish over time. This is what that gives us peace, a state we all crave for.

Conversely, there are people in the world who want to propagate evil!. The aforementioned quote is befitting to them as well. That is the very reason evil has existed and persisted throughout generations. Those who have fed the evil in them would not want it to die with them, for the simple fact that they are unable to realize its negative influence over time. That is why contemplation of your behavior, your actions is necessary. Are you at peace with yourself after being unkind or hurting someone. If you are, then the evil that lurks inside all of us dominates you. You have to drive it into a corner so that your goodness can flourish. This is best done by putting yourself in the position of those who have been wronged by your words or actions. Overcoming our evil or bad side is achievable; this is the fight we all are fighting and have to fight to bring happiness and peace to the world.

Tap into your inherent goodness, we all have it, it just needs to be allowed to grow. This is what that will instruct us to spread positivity. When we are in sync with what is good in us, we realize the importance of our behavior, which will give positive energies to the universe. For instance, one may disagree with another on a certain point of conflict, tempers may flare. But controlling an unkind or rude response will make a whole lot of difference. Not only this control will suppress the propagation of negative emotions; It will create a subconscious behavioral model in the minds of the people involved. Just as we are attracted towards evil or negativity, we are also aware of the positive vibes around us. It is only the matter of training our minds to tune in to the frequency of that positive energy. Surround yourself with kind and compassionate people. Spend time in nature. Indulge in a kind gesture towards a passerby every day; It could be something as simple as a smile. Give time and full attention to elderly and children and connect with your Creator. This will feed the goodness in you, and will ensure that your legacy is kindness to the universe.

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