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Adobe illustrator ( CC, CS6, CS5, CS4) Tool tips

This Chart below will help you understand different tools in adobe illustrator (AI). it is advisable for designers to print the image below and keep going through it atleast once in a day.. it will help you boost your knowledge on tools as well as you will get to learn some shortcuts withing a short span of time. Below i  have mentioned brief details on few tools of illustrator. hope you will enjoy reading. 

Work with the Tools panel

View hidden tools

You can expand some tools to show tools hidden beneath them. A small triangle at the lower right of the tool icon signals the presence of hidden tools. Hold down the mouse button on the visible tool to view the tools hidden under it.

View hidden tools in the Tools panel

View tool options

Some tools in the Tools panel have options that appear in the context-sensitive options bar. Additionally, you can also double-click a tool in the Tools panel to view and change the settings for that tool.

Artboards or Artboard tool

You can have 1 to 100 artboards per document depending on size. You can specify the number of artboards for a document when you first create it, and you can add and remove artboards at any time while working in a document. You can create artboards in different sizes, resize them by using the Artboard tool , and position them anywhere on the screen—even overlapping one another. Illustrator also provides options to set the orientation, reorder, and rearrange artboards using the Artboards panel and the Control panel (when the Artboard tool is selected). You can also specify custom names for an artboard and set reference points for artboards.  Let the VIdeo School online tutorial let you know more about the Art Board Tool

Artboards help streamline your design process by giving you an infinite canvas on which you can lay out designs for different devices and screens. Artboards represent the regions that can contain printable artwork. While creating artboards, you can choose from a wide variety of preset sizes or define your own custom artboard size. You can use artboards as crop areas for printing or placement purposes. Multiple artboards are useful for creating various things such as multiple page PDFs, printed pages with different sizes or different elements, independent elements for websites, video storyboards, or individual items for animation in Adobe Animate or After Effects.
To create a custom artboard, select the Artboard tool, and drag in the workspace to define the shape, size, and location. To use a preset artboard, double-click the Artboard tool, select a preset and specify other options in the Artboard Options dialog box, and click OK. Drag the artboard to position it where you want.

To create an artboard within an active artboard, hold down Shift and drag using the Artboard tool. To duplicate an existing artboard, select the Artboard tool, click to select the artboard you want to duplicate, and click the New Artboard button in the Control panel; then click where you want to place the duplicated artboard. To create multiple duplicates, Alt-click as many times as you want. Or, using the Artboard tool, Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (macOS) the artboard you want to duplicate.

To duplicate an artboard with the contents, select the Artboard tool, click to select the Move/Copy Artwork With Artboard icon on the Control panel, press Alt (Windows) or Option (macOS), and then drag. If you want the artwork to contain a bleed, make sure that there’s enough artwork beyond the artboard rectangle to accommodate the bleed. To commit the artboard and exit the artboard-editing mode, click a different tool in the Tools panel or click Esc.

I’ll be back soon with more information and ideas on Adobe Illustrator. Have a nice day.

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