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The Tattoo of an Arrow

it was a fine , lazy but beautiful morning. I woke up early had shower and ran for my ride to the countryside!. was in hurry and about to miss my train. Miraculously i dint miss it and i got into the train. though it took me about 15mins to find my seat… the train stopped at few stations which helped me grab some snacks for the journey to continue.. As the train took its phase i opened my backpack and grabbed out the drawing book and a pencil… it was kinda calm as metro doesn’t make that much noise. Also there weren’t any vibrations as we usually see in Indian railways.

I opened my book and started tracing the lines but couldn’t draw anything… so i just gazed my eyes through the view Outside. Oh yeah.. here comes the discussion of tattoo!.. as i gazed outside the train slowed down as it approached the next station. and she was sitting there on the bench facing the other side of train. The light colored dress.. it was yellow and green!..  She leaned on the back rest of the bench and was resting peacefully. That is the moment when i saw the tattoo of Arrow on her Hand. She was setting up her Golden Red Hairs and that tattoo on her hand was grabbing my attention. I couldnt stop myself!..

I Ran towards the door of the train.. So that i could see her, talk with her, as it is well said that we need to open up our-self, if we like someone or find someone beautiful like in this case. Its better to go and talk with them instead of standing aside and giving a creepy look… the moment i reached near the door… Boom it just got closed and there was this whooshing sound of train. It moved for the next station.. for the new stop!..

The very next moment she was gone! All gone.. maybe i should have hurried.. may be it was just for a moment.. may be we will meet again!. May this is where the story ends!.. i just went to a river bank and stood there just listening to the crimping of trees, rustling of trees and the sound of flowing water. It was calm, cold and peaceful.. 

The tattoo Girl!…  if you are reading this: May we meet Again!….

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