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The 118th Girlfriend

The Beginning:   She was sitting and looking out of an open window on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a novel in her hand. Suddenly a crumbled piece of paper which came out through the novel, hit her face. She picked it up and opened the crumbled piece of paper; not knowing that this piece of crumbled paper will open her heart for a crazy but strange feeling called as LOVE! I.e., L- Let O-Our V-Veins E-Excite. A medical explanation of LOVE which simply means the excitation of veins with some inclusion of the arteries resulting in the increased rate of lub-dub palpitation (heart-beat).  

The scene being the lazy Sunday afternoon, but now changing into a Sunday, a memorable day… The memory begins…

The crumbled piece of paper hitting her face and as a response she closes her eyes, lifts her right hand, keeping her left hand firmly. Her right hand lifts the paper from her face with a tweaky sound, now she slowly opens her eyes and trying to see the written form on the paper. She is unfolding the paper indirectly unfolding his feelings in the written form, unfolding the truth, unfolding the love, the affection… Silence around…

The silence continues…, as a break, she rubs the paper with her soft hands producing a soft noise. Finally, her brownish eyeballed twin eyes open wide searching for the first line and her lips unlocking to read the first word… The first word yet to be read. She looks at the first word, eyes being the sensory organ detects the word and send the signals to the brain, and brain in return induces the lips to speak… A long process, but all this takes place within a fraction of seconds. Huh! Lips unlock, produce a sound, the sound of that first word and the first word comes out finally……

“Ssssstupppid… Idddiot… Duffer” She continues reading with a smiling face, staring eyes, working mind, steady body. The written thing in the crumbled piece of paper converting into the vocal form… Get. Set… Go…

“Stupid… Idiot… Duffer, I always say this to myself. Do you know why? Because I do not know the meaning of those words. But I know what the meaning of my life is. The meaning of my life is…, hey, I will take the English vocabulary class later. Now I want to tell you something which I am not able to. Almost everybody who is in love writes the same above lines, but nobody can or nobody will make an attempt to change those beautiful initiative lines. I am too telling you the same”

The paragraph ends and she stops reading, but did not stop thinking. She just turns her eyeballs looks around and again places her eyeballs in the initial position so as to read further. Further reading gets started. Second paragraph begins

“I always loved you, loving you still, do not want to think about the future but never told you this. I care for you, but never expressed, I need you, but never tried to gain. You might be thinking odd about this love, but this is love without words but full of feelings. I think I am sounding a bit confusing, but without any confusion I love you. It is said that every act of the person whom you love seems to be beautiful. It’s genuinely true. I like every act, every move, every sound, and every noise of yours. And your eyes when those winks and the eyelashes touch each other. I like your mouth wide open when it yawns and your nose when it shivers while you sneeze loud, your breath when you inhale while you sleep. I like the way you walk when you carefully place your feet on this green planet, I like the way you drink water producing a Gutuk-Gutuk sound, I like the way you scream when you are angry. I like the way you talk continuously least bothered whether the person listening to you is interested or not, I like yours…, hey I just like you…”

Second paragraph ends. Her lips fold. Small pause. Afternoon still the afternoon, but not lazy. Sunday still the Sunday along with that becoming the memorable one. Sun is shining, the air not blowing out, but still can feel the air. We all say that everything happens in love so air not blowing but still felt. She is not silent instead she is calm and he literally don’t want to speak anything as his letter has spoken so much… The reading begins. Her lips unfold again. Her tweaking eyes try to concentrate again. Third final paragraph begins… “My palm-sized heart always loves you not knowing whether you love me or no. not knowing you like me or no. my four chambered heart is a four room palace for you to live, where you dwell.

And residing here in this palace will let you listen to the most beautiful melody, the most beautiful music, my heart-beat… I dream a lot about you. I dream that we walk together holding hands in a gloomy evening on the banks of the sea-shore. I dream you scolding me for completing our children’s homework without your knowledge. I dream that you are sleeping and I am looking at you. I dream you sleeping on my lap and I am arranging your hair behind your ears… huh!! Now I don’t want to dream anymore, I want all this to be in real, in this world.”

           Ends…Ends… Ends… Afternoon still the same, sunshine still the same, open window still the same. She??? Not the same. She is quiet but she got to know everything. Something took birth, something which is cute, beautiful, something very tender, birth of LOVE. Happy birthday LOVE. Novel being closed but her heart is open to LOVE.

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  1. There is nothing which specifies that. Title made people expect more than what is being provided.
    No hate involved, just a thought . 🙂

  2. "I like ur mouth wide open when it yawns…"hehe ..I love this part,made me smile alone…such a beautiful love story

  3. thank you for the appreciation…
    and its not about 118 girlfriends… its about specific 118th girlfriend :p

  4. This is no doubt your best piece of writin so far.. Loved every bit of it.. Especially the detailed lines describing every move of hers.. Splendid!
    Just one confusion.. The title.. It is no where near the story.. :/

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