How hard it is for you to accept who you are? this is the major problem in teenagers and adults of today’s world. People have an image! A predefined personality for every situation. when you are with friends you have a different form, meeting a girlfriend makes you acquire different personality!.. I’m cool one actually. When meeting parents there you got to swap your behavior to little baby who just listens to anything without any objections. every moment every person you meet knows you differently!.. have you ever thought about it?  

You yourself have an artist inside who swaps your personalities according to situations!… you can become one or the other within a fraction of second. consider me.. i can become An Artist, A Writer, An Engineer, The Duty Fulfiller, The Protector, The Idealist, The Scientist, The Thinker, The Doer, The Guardian, The Performer, The Caregiver, The Inspirer, The Giver, The Visionary or The Executive. Depends on the situation you are dealing with.

Why!… you need to be a multi faced person? Why it is difficult for you to be yourself? Why cant you be happy with how you are?.. the real you, the actual personality which you represent when you are alone. The true nature of you. Why make things complicated? and show people that you aren’t capable of doing something?..

Why Cant you be Simple? The Real you. the Actual figure, a Singular personality, A happy and simple person to UNDERSTAND. Someone who is true to the world and himself. Who can treat everyone equally. just let everything go. be happy and be free.

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