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Ghost behind the Door

Jarvis, Iron Man, Avengers, Arrow, The flash and the list go on…. Ah, I forgot to mention John Constantine! You guys might be thinking about “Why??”, “Why name of this series”. Well, it’s because right now am totally dipped in the universe of Marvels and DC comics. It was a fine evening, not too windy but good enough. I was sitting on a chair with legs upon the grills of balcony and a book written by an unknown person centuries ago in my left hand and it’s obvious that I had a cup of hot brewed coffee in my right hand. Yeah, totally occupied with all this stuff. All of a sudden the red setting evening sun turned into a beautiful red moon.
The leaves started rattling around. The feeling was like the darkness have occupied the light in you. Making you numb and fragile, every leaf on the tree slipped down, you could feel the loneliness in you, with your eyes glowing blue. You could listen to the beasts screaming and the wolves crying for help. Heavy sounds of thunder and storms. All of a sudden you see a black cat screaming in its own scary voice and starring at you with its golden eyes.  And then within no moment you are back.

Yeah, you heard it right, I was back. Everything was normal. But my heart was beating fast, like the incident, the moment was for real. I was sweating all over. In a while I regain my consciousness and had a sip of coffee, surprisingly it was cold. I mean I just had a hot sip before, how it can be cold? That’s weird. I looked around, fortunately the weather was fine like it was leaves were all evergreen and then I saw that cat! BLACK CAT. Various questions raised in my mind. Was it real? Why did my eyes glow? Where was I? Is it possible to travel through other dimensions? Who was that beast screaming? And lot more questions. I was totally messed up for a while. Time slipped, I had my dinner and went to make bed for peaceful sleep. And then an unknown beautiful voice scattered in my room! “Hey you! Where are you?” I answered, “Who is this?” And she was like “how could you forget me so soon?” Thought for a moment but I couldn’t figure her out… then she continued, “Come outside near that tree… I have something to confess” beep… The echoes just vanished In the air.

I ignored the call and was preparing to sleep when suddenly the door open slowly making creaking sound, there I saw someone pass by. I got down from the bed and checked out, but there was no one around… then I heard my mama calling me! ”Olli!.. Can you please come out and check, there is someone near the tree.” This time I took the call seriously and went down to check but the front door was already closed and locked from inside. I felt like I was hallucinating and turned back to the room… as I moved someone just whispered something in my ears… suddenly I turned back, there was no one but the front door was wide open!.

I went out to see. It was dark, but the moon was half lit. I could feel the light rays from moon striking the leaves and kissing my face. Then saw a girl standing near the banyan tree of our garden. Her hair was flowing like waterfalls. I called her “Excuse me!.. Who’s there? How you got in?”   She didn’t reply for a while but then I heard a familiar voice as she replied   “Rhythm its me.. Remember?” I was dumbstruck for a while as she just vanished in a flash like she was some Kinna bunch of autumn leaves. That voice reminded me of someone I used to know, someone very close to my heart, someone irresistible. By this time my sleep was all gone. I made a cup of coffee and sat in the garden near that tree… My mind said   “it was her… that girl… A Girl With the Grey Eyes”  

To be continued….

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  1. its like a year?

  2. no idea…. me too waiting for the same

  3. When is the continuation going to be updated? Or is it even going to come out or no?

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