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Are we living the life we dreamed of that day????

hey all, its been so long that i was in a big confusion!… i didnt known the meaning of my life. When i saw a doctor treating me; i felt like i wanna be a doctor!.. though it was not in my fate to be a doctor i moved on.. then i saw someone working very hard for his earnings. i stood there still and was seeing him working hard for his family, the other guy was noticing me as i was looking at his efforts.  

After finishing his work he himself approached me and asked, “Hey Dude Wassup!.. is there anything wrong??” i replied, “nothing much, i was wondering why u do this tidious work rather than doing a job which will be satisfactory!..” for this question he stood silent for a moment and then said “you studying or Employed?”, i told him about my engineering and other stuffs. It was 11am there and he was leaving for the coffee, so he asked me to join, for this i agreed and went with him to a canteen for coffee. While having coffee he confessed his situation that he always wanted to be a writer, but his parents wanted a high profile Doctor!.. anyhow he got his degree in M.B.B.S. from a reputed college and managed average scores, after this everything went good his parents were so proud of him and so he was. BUT!… there is always a mirror side of the story… He added

“through out my medical course i was never satisfied with the studies it was just because of my parents am doing it, throughout my college life i dreamed of being a good writer, i wrote many stories, many poems and i was always welcomed by ma colleagues for ma creative writing.”

After listening to him a was blindfolded for a moment and then i asked ” you say you got an Bachelor’s Degree then why this work?… u could have made ua own clinic and could have earned better!.. Why this???”   I took a sip of hot coffee and he continued “Dear, you didn’t saw a real life, always do something which is good for you and your future!.. doing something for the sake of others will surely make them happy but it will never satisfy you, for your better future do something you always dreamed of, forget about what others will say if you do it, just listen to your heart and follow it and as my job?? u haven’t seen a real me!”

he smiled and paid the bill and asked me to come with him, he took out his old cellphone which was in almost bad condition, and called for the taxi, i was waiting for him to go and suddenly a black colored S-class Mercedes Benz just stopped right before me and the guy with whom i was having conversation said that its time to leave, see u soon and stepped in the car. I was like how is this possible!!!! a guy who worked like a daily labor owns a Mercedes! He opened his window and said “Listen dear, whatever you do for living just follow your heart and make efforts to bring into real world what you always dreamed of! Take Care.. Hope to see you again soon” i asked his name, which i goggled n saw that he is one of the best writer in Modern Society..

  There are the peoples who sees the future and make everything to make it become a reality… i wish we all make our dream come true in the near future. Have a nice day… Take Care!…

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  1. life is full of seond chances… you just have to be patient and believe in yourself!….

  2. depends… if you give yourself enough time to think.. you may not have to sacrifice your dreams… sometimes its just about proirities you create…

  3. Life is all about stepping through that one right path.. And second chances.. We hardly get them..

  4. bt we have to sacrifice our dreams sometimes

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