There’s more to a face, than it’s features.
More to a day, than it’s hours.
More to a mirror, than it’s reflection.
More to a conversation, than it’s words!

More to a heart, than it’s desires.
More to a dream, than it’s possibility.
More to a person, than his existence.
More to a story, than it’s characters.

More to a celebration, than the occasion.
More to a victory, than to the winner.
More to a tear, than the cries.
More to the vision, than the eyes.

More to the reason, than the smile.
More to the photographer, than the picture!
More to the moments, than the time.
More to the meaning, than the word.

More to the emotion, than the expression.
More to you, than to me.
More to we, than to us.
More to life, than to death.

More to living, than to the years.
More to a life, than it’s worth.
More to a death, than it’s last breath…

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