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Keeping servers cool

Keeping Your Server Cabinets Cool and Ventilated

Keeping your server unit cool should be important to you. If it gets too hot, there could be damages that have to be repaired. If the damages are extensive, the entire server unit may have to be replaced. This will cost you money as well as downtime. Taking a preventative approach is a wise decision.


With a fan tray assembly in place, you will get more efficiency. You can connect your fans to reduce heat and temperature with simple controls to keep your server cabinet at the right temperature you have selected. You want to automate this process as much as you can, and this one extra accessory can make a vast difference for you.

They are quiet so you don’t have to worry about the sound from them being an issue. They don’t require a great deal of space either. Think about the amount of room you have and take measurements if it is a tight spot. There are a few sizes and designs so you should be able to get what you are after without incident when it comes to the purchase of a fan tray assembly.


It is important to take some time to learn about the correct positioning for a fan tray assembly. The different positions are going to influence the areas of heat they can control. It is a good idea to check where you get the most heat from for those serving units. Then you can apply the fan tray assembly in those hot spot areas.

This will force the cool air through the power supply of the unit. Fresh air comes into the unit through the intake. The axial fans then push it through the various heat sources. The heat is then pushed out through the controller box of the unit. The goal is always to create the best possible scenario to maximize the available cool air and how it reaches the hot spots.


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Take your time to find the best overall pricing for such products. You need something that is easy to set up and also easy to work with. It should have a proven history of being able to offer you the results you want. Such a product has a complex role to play but it shouldn’t be complicated to put in place or to use.

Look for a product that holds its value because it has the best technology available to offer. It should offer you thermal stimulation technology with a solution that has been proven to work for this type of application. Evaluate the products on the market and read the pros and cons reported by other customers. Be confident what you buy and put in place is going to get the job done!


A fan tray assembly with a warranty is going to offer you far more value than one that is sold as is. With a warranty, they are giving you a guarantee they stand behind what they offer. Just make sure the terms and conditions of the warranty are excellent. Don’t be fooled into assuming all warranties are going to offer you terrific coverage. Get the facts before you buy! We are pleased to offer our customers the widest selection of fan parts and accessories. Not only are they affordable, they are high quality. You can make any purchase from us with confidence. Our company has a long history with happy customers, and we can’t way to add you to that list! Our customer service staff is always available to help you with questions, obtaining the right products for your needs, and hassle free exchanges or returns.

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