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10 Tips to get a girlfriend.. Yup those are Awesome ;)

Be Distant
There is no woman present in this world who responds to desperation and I am dead sure when I say this. If a girl gets the slightest clue that you are desperate for her then you are the past. I am not saying every girl is like this but most of them are. The reason behind this is a sense of fear that all the girls posses. Your desperation creates a doubt in her head about you and she will start to wonder about your intentions behind that desperation. So, lesson here is to stay aloof, be cool, and let her come to you. This might take some time but will work until and unless she is interested in someone else more.Confuse Her.

I know this sound mean and mechanical but as they say everything is fair in love and war. A confused girl is easy to get. Now the question arises how to confuse a girl. The answer to this is simple and lies in the first point (Be distant). If a girl know that you like her, then, it is nearly impossible that she would fall for you. But, if she is in a state of dilemma, weather you like her or not, then you have a better chance. Now, I’ll tell you what I use to do. First, I will talk to her very nicely for few days, and then suddenly, I won’t even look at her. This goes on for sometime. Then again I will start interacting with her like nothing happened. Bull’s eye! You are one up. This is the first step. Now, she is confused. What do to now?

This is a technique which girls use on boys. I call it “hit and run” method. In this method, what you have to do is give little signs and signals to her. Give her a sweat look once in a while. This method is built on the previous method, “confuse her”. This again is not conclusive. It will be like this, she knows that you like her but is not completely sure. If you reach at this stage then that means you are not very far away from your destination. But things to remember here is when you are looking at her, your eyes should say I am sweet.

Be Funny
If you can make her laugh then you can make her fall in love with you. The previous line is very important. If you’ll ask any girl about the qualities she wants in a boy or man; the answer would be he should be funny. I know it is impossible that every man would be funny but I have good news for you, it is not very hard to make a girl laugh. But the catch here is that there is fine line between being a guy which makes her laugh and another guy who she thinks is a joker. And a girl might like that joker but will never have any romantic feelings for him.

Imagine there is a girl you really like. One day you see her talking to a boy. How would you feel? You will feel jealous but more than that a feeling of insecurity will develop inside you. You’ll fear to lose her. Same thing goes with a girl. You just have to show her that she is not alone; there are lots of other fishes in the sea. This is very basic technique but most of people are not acquainted with its powers. You just start talking to as many girls as you can. Compliment another girl when she is near you and notice the change in her expression. This change will tell you lots of things.

I have been around with lots of girls, so, I understand their mentality. Weather they admit it or not girls always like a dominating partner. You will rarely see a girl getting impressed by men whom she can easily dominate. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying to dominate her, I am just saying don’t get dominated by her. You should know when to put your foot down. I have seen my friends turning into a pet while trying to get their girl. None of them succeeded. They say a man is clever when he can learn from someone else mistakes. Be clever.

Safe and Dangerous
You should appear safe and dangerous at the same time. I know most of you didn’t understand what I meant. Let me explain. If a girl feels that she is safe with you and nothing can hurt her when you are by her side, then, there is a probability that she will fall for you. And when I said you should be dangerous too, by that I meant you shouldn’t be boring. You will have people around you who like to be on the safer side, like wearing seatbelt all the time and following all the rules no matter how senseless they are. There are few girls who like these kind of guys but as I said “Few”. Majority are on the other side. So, make her feel safe but be dangerous.

Be patient
The problem with today’s generation is that they are not patient at all. This is very important. You should be very patient with her. If you straight away  tell her about your feelings she won’t believe you. This is not their fault. There are lots of loonies present in this world who say anything to get her into bed and they know it. That’s why she won’t respond well if jump out of nowhere with your feelings, no matter how genuine they are.Be unpredictable
This is in very general I am talking. Most of the people, including me, like people who are unpredictable and I don’t know the reason behind it. Maybe if you are predictable you occur boring. In pretty woman, Edward (Richard Gere) says to Vivian(Julia Roberts), “There are very few people who surprise me”, and I think that’s where it all begin. So, do something different every now and then, surprise her.

Girls are suckers for a boy with talent. It could be anything from dancing to singing. I advice to learn a musical instrument, it works wonder. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself covered all over by girls, like, snake on a sandalwood tree. Or you can go onto more romantic side; poetry. So, here we are at the end. I hope you liked it. These are few of the techniques that I have been using and seeing people use for many years. I may post another article regarding the same topic. I wish this article helps you.

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