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“It was 10 at night
She was walking within my sight
My eyes scanned her from head to toe
Her vital status must be 36-24-34, I know!

I caught her by hand
And groped her tight
To possess her is what I had planned
She tried to fight back, that’s not right!

You see I’m a man with desires
And she had what a man requires
So I snatched away what she had to offer
I didn’t care about her stupid honor!

After all she is to blame
She’s responsible for her sorrows
Doesn’t she have any shame
Walking alone, in those wrong clothes?”

I have this question to each and every citizen of our country, “WHO IS IT TO BLAME FOR RAPES”!?
Was it nirbhaya’s fault? Or was it the fault of 19 year old whose baby was thrown out of the auto and killed? Or the babies like merely 1-2 year old who are raped, are they at fault?
Rapes don’t just happen, someone initiates it!
I won’t define or redefine the term rape, but yes I’ll challenge the moral and ethical stand that A country takes with regard to this heinous act!

Source : Pexels

Men and women have been raped since centuries! It happens in every society, ethnic group and in every corner of the earth! What differentiates one rape from another is how the society reacts to it – towards the victim and the perpetrator! And this is where the countries have been showing their ugly, medieval, male dominating and irrational mentality like ours!

Why in colleges the dress codes for girls and curfew hours made more stringent?
Why is the onus of preventing rapes suddenly thrust on girls? Why do people not see the need to enlighten boys?
Don’t ask your daughter, sisters and wife to be covered and be back home by a specific time and wear full clothes!
Tell your son, brother and husband to respect girls and also to control his urge and temper!

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