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A view on CAA ( Citizenship Amendment Act ), NRC ( National Register of Citizens ) and India

Let me start with the Assam exercise, firstly, it was a failure. The BJP tried & failed with the notion they will be able to secure citizenship for Bengali speaking Hindus & get away with it. While a majority of Muslims in the state are left away & are unable to vote against them.

Many Bangladeshi Muslims have been living in Assam for decades, though they may not have come here legally but were even born here. They have no roots now in Bangladesh. Where are they to go if they get deported? Bangladesh has said it will not accept them. It is a humanitarian crisis, not just a legal one.

Article 14 of the Indian constitution seeks to protect all citizens from any form of discrimination. It is exclusionary and violates the secular principles enshrined in the constitution. Faith cannot be made a condition of citizenship.

The constitution prohibits religious discrimination against its citizens and guarantees all persons equality before the law and equal protection of the law. Now, I do not think the mechanism for conduction of NRC would remain the same, which will require you to submit documentation.

Now, when it comes to NRC nationwide, it will be a bigger disaster than DeMo. Stripping 100s of Indians alike of citizenship, until proven. Which, in combination with the CAA will ensure the safety for everyone apart from Muslims cos of the fault lines in the Bill itself.

Now, the majority of the Muslim population is poor in India, I am not talking numbers but the fact I have seen & lived through. I have seen people suffer & die in DeMo, religions alike.

In fact, I am scared & scanning through the documents of my family & friends to correct errors that can land them in trouble. I come from a rural background & my 23 years there tell me it’ll be a disaster.

On the NRC & CAA combination, the two are closely linked, because the Citizenship Amendment Act will help protect non-Muslims who are excluded from the register and face the threat of deportation or internment.

Also for prosecuted minorities, we are never against any humanitarian cause but the fact that the whole exercise, on one hand, wants prosecutes Minorities to come in but prosecutes Minorities in its own land.

A majority of the ruling party leaders have come out & called it names like disinfectant, cleaning agent etc., are these the likes of Genocidal lunatics you’re going to side with?

68% of this country is poor, lives under 100 rupees a day, do you think they’ll be able to correct their document & prove their citizenship? Their children sleep empty stomach for days. How about documenting that?

On the side note, It took me 3 months to get a letter changed in my name & 3 more months to add my mobile number in aadhar & this government wants the poor & marginalised communities to come and prove their citizenship?

The Struggle is against the fascist taking advantage of a bill to do unconstitutional things.

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